WeedLove is an Italian brand that is born 2017 from the passion for natural and organic products, aimed at wellness.

Created by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the creation and care of products for the world of Vaping, WeedLove for more than two years on the legal cannabis market, respects the quality and safety standards it has used in creating and growing brands Varlkiria and Delixia for the world of electronic cigarettes.

Products distributed by WeedLove throughout the national and European territory are derived from certified Legal Hemp, a pure CBD concentrate, with THC values ​​below 0.2% as required by European legislation for this type of goods. In fact, for our inflorescences we choose the best qualities of legal cannabis sativa, cultivated in Italy, Austria or Switzerland, biologically and without the use of chemical additives to promote and distribute products for wellness, psychophysical balance, beauty and relaxation .

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