1. May 01, 2020

    As you begin your journey

    Probably a little late to give a “send-off” to this year’s class, but I wanted to write something that I wish someone had told me in the beginning. I can say that my second half of the hike was a lot more fun than the first half.

    Not going into town as often and not finding people that I really connected with. Do your best to find that early. Having this discussion with a fellow thru-hiker Lightning, we came to the conclusion that the thing we missed the most was the people. The kind of motivated, stubborn, people with a mission are hard to come by in the workplace.

    Getting a group of people together with a single mission, that won’t let the others fail, is not found in a lot of places. Remember as you press on, that all your experiences out there are better shared. Each summit, every weird trail town, all the beers, are improved by having fellow hikers around. Shared suffering and the shared joys are what made this hike

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  2. May 01, 2020

    Learning to Love Again

    When I began the trail, I knew that I would miss the regular physical contact that I had with people in sedentary life. Everything from high fives, fist bumps, hugs, and handshakes – I would miss it all. Little did I know how strange and how hard it would be to feel love without that simple physical contact. Disclaimer – you might want to read up on the 5 love languages if you’re slightly confused about what I am talking about.

    A simple Google search should suffice. While on trail, besides ticks and bears, the thing that hikers fear most is Norovirus – imagine having a stomach bug for three days and not being able to eat anything while losing it all. Being a virus, it is spread through human contact with anyone or anything that is infected or has come into contact with it. For this reason, among others, you don’t shake hands, high five, fist bump, give hugs, and you make sure to actively avoid contact if possible. Being someone who feels

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  3. May 01, 2020

    I Have No Idea What State I’m In

    For the Nike Women's Training Spring 2012 collection, we asked Nike athletes and trainers to examine the way they train and look for the commonalities in their range of motion. Our designers then used innovation and design to develop a collection of footwear and apparel that enhances each one of the 6 CORE MOVES by providing zero distraction and technological details that are hidden in the beauty of a unique design aesthetic.


    Nike Epic Crew

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